The 'Perfect Town'

In an article called Spotlight on Halesworth in Flick & Son’s Coast & Country, readers were asked to “imagine your perfect fantasy town.”

“What would it be like?“, readers were asked. “Would it have a long, bustling traffic-free street full of old-fashioned useful shops and even (that rare beast) a Post Office? Perhaps a busy market once a week, a couple of banks, doctors and dentists, a few good places to meet friends for coffee or lunch? Would you dare hope for a small local hospital, primary school, a library, an Arts Centre (with a vibrant programme of events and classes and a regular film slot), an excellent health food shop and a supermarket, all within easy walking distance of car parking? Would there even be a hardware shop and a couple of fashionable clothes shops or would that be too much to hope for? Would this town be set in overly rolling Suffolk countryside only a few miles from the coast? Could there be a riverside walk, a lovely park, antique shops, art galleries, a monthly Produce market and even (beyond your wildest dreams) a rail service to London?”

Where is the fantasy town? Halesworth of course.